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Easy hairstyles for little girls

Hairstyles for girls should be simple and straightforward, easy and quick. And they should also be comfortable and practical so that they do not bother the child under any circumstances, as well as give the aesthetic pleasure of wearing really beautiful and comfortable hairstyles.

easy hairstyles for little girls
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Modern little fashionistas often want to choose for themselves what they will have on their heads today, and, accordingly, adults will have to try to make all the wishes of the little princess come true. In this article you will find a lot of options for simple hairstyles and can always make your child happy with a variety of hairstyles without going to the salons and not spending hours on it.

easy hairstyles for little girls
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Choosing a hairstyle for a child:

Choosing a hairstyle for a child
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  • If the hair is liquid: braids are contraindicated (strong pressure on the roots).
  • If soft and wavy curls: it is good half-unraveled styling, and braids are also not suitable (loses all the zest of such hair).
  • If the face is wide, square or rectangular type: short haircuts are okay, but a sleek and smooth styling will not work.
  • If the forehead is high: the presence of bangs is a must.
  • If the face is narrow and elongated: short haircuts are possible, but the volume at the temples is important (it can be bows, flowers).
  • If a large volume of hair, lush: perfectly suited to braids (remove excess volume).

For long hair

Good, shiny long hair in a little lady is of course the pride of both the mother and the child. They are very decorate girls and are an indicator of the health of both the general and the hair in particular. But, choosing the next version of the hairstyle, do not choose too complicated and hung with a lot of elastic bands, bows, or using a curling the entire head – do not torment no child or curls. The consequences can stay for a long time and you will have to restore them for many years.

For long hair
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Girl hairstyles For long hair
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Hairstyles for loose hair

The easiest way to style – loose hair, but it is not very practical, especially for children of kindergarten age. But it is difficult to replace the effect of loose hair with something else, and often there is a great desire for such a variant. And here it is possible to gather the hair a little bit at least in some places: for example, to tie a flyaway to take the hair away from the face, also a headband will do. You can also fix hairpins-bows on the sides to fix the side strands. For more spectacular hairstyles twist the ends of curls, but use soft curlers and hair dry naturally.

Hairstyles for loose hair
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Long hair gives an incredible ground for imagination on the theme of braids. There are a million ways to go about it. Here are a few instructions:

  • On the sides, braid one regular braid (you can plaits) and connect them in the back, near the back of the head, in a ponytail. Tie with an elastic band. Wrap the ends of the plaits around the elastic band and form a basket. The loose ends can be left loose, or you can also braid two more plaits and add to the basket.
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Braids hairstyles
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  • The hair is divided in half with a parting. At the bottom we make 3 ponytails of equal distance (if you can do more, make more). We twist each ponytail into rolls, connect them to the rest of the hair and make a side ponytail. The ponytail itself is divided into strands and from each twist tangle. Put each curl in a loop and fix it at the bottom with thin rubber bands. You can decorate the ready hairstyle with a small flower.
Braids hairstyles
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Braids hairstyles
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