garcon haircut
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Garcon haircut

The haircut garcon – it’s for brave women. After all, not every member of the fair sex can cut her hair almost to the root. But the haircut is very popular and today we will try to explain why.

What is a haircut garcon

garcon haircut

Probably many women already know that garcon is a French word, which in Russian means “under the boy”. It is this fact that fully characterizes the haircut garcon, which manages to scare away a lot of women.

After all, here the master cuts the hair almost completely, leaving only a little for volume. garcon basically goes without bangs, but in principle it is also allowed.

The advantages of the haircut garcon

  • Haircuts wardrobe will always be popular. It will not lose its relevance, as a hundred years ago (when it emerged), and will not lose its actuality in 20 or 50 years in the future. And the secret lies in the excellent correction of the problematic oval face;
  • The garcon haircut takes significantly less time to style than other haircuts;
  • Despite the boyish length of hair, the haircut looks very feminine and attractive;
  • Garcon is suitable for different ages of women;
  • Garcon adds style, boldness, sexuality and makes the overall image very sexy.

Subspecies of the haircut garcon

Garcon haircut is one, but it is worth distinguishing some variations of execution of this haircut, which in the end will allow you to create excellent options that will suit a particular type of face.


The classic version is a short haircut, without additional cuts and artificial creation of volume on the head.

classic garcon


The real garcon is a haircut like a boy’s hair.

ultra short garcon

With bangs

More often than not, the garcon is combined with oblique or graduated bangs, as well as apply a short version of babylights.

garcon with bangs


Here the master cuts the hair according to the technique garcon, but leaves some area (most often it is the parietal) longer, in consequence of which the haircut becomes very similar to pixie.

Elongated garcon

Who is suitable for the haircut garcon

Garcon is the perfect salvation for women with a rectangular and square type of face. After all, it is this haircut that opens the view of the face, which visually smoothes the rectangle and makes it softer and more similar to the oval;
garcon is suitable for fragile girls with a thin figure and a thin face;
It is successfully applied to young and more mature women;
garcon can be combined with all kinds of haircuts, but not with thick, straight and similar to them, which does not give extra volume in the forehead area.

Who does not fit the haircut garcon.

Women with a round face, because the excessive removal of hair from the parietal, occipital and temporal lobe will visually make the round face even more;
If a problem face – all pimples, redness, age spots, acne or post-acne will be very visible when covering them with hair now will not be possible.