9 Pink and blue hair ideas
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9 Pink and blue hair ideas

There are a lot of ways that you can do your hair. You could have it dyed a single color, or you could have fun with colors and go for some funky combinations! If you’re looking for something different to do with your hair, look no further than these 9 pink and blue hair ideas.

Peculiarities of coloring in pink and blue colors

Pink and blue is a color that most people associate with femininity, tenderness and the joy of life. If you have been dreaming about this color for a long time, but do not know how to choose from hundreds of shades – this article will be useful to you. Studies carried out by manufacturers have shown that more than three-quarters of women wear these colors and are very happy with the chosen image.

Half pink half blue

One of the first color combinations that comes to mind when you think about pink and blue hair is half pink, half blue. This one isn’t as easy as it may sound but it’s definitely worth giving a try since the end result looks amazing.

9 Pink and blue hair ideas
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Pink to blue Hair Ombre

Styling a gradient from pink to blue hair has been popular for quite some time. It’s definitely a bold statement, but if you want to try it out without making a complete commitment this is the way to go! For something more similar to bright violet, ask your stylist for balayage highlights in pastel lavender and baby blue.

9 Pink and blue hair ideas
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Indigo Blue and Fuchsia Pink Hair

Indigo blue and fuchsia pink hair – by far the most popular color combination right now is indigo blue with fuschia pink. This shade of hair dye can be achieved by using an all over base coat of dark purple shampoo, then dying your roots in light pastel pink or magenta.

9 Pink and blue hair ideas
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Colored Pink and Blue Mohawk

Is a very colorful look that is perfect for those with the creative edge. If you are looking to stand out in a crowd, then this will definitely do it! It can also be paired up nicely with solid pink or blue hair underneath if desired. # Colors on only half of your head.This funky style actually takes two different colors and splits.

9 Pink and blue hair ideas
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Selected strands of blue and pink hair

The stylist uses a special dye and applies it with several brush strokes, making sure that each strand is completely saturated. The result is a stylish and delicate look.

9 Pink and blue hair ideas
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Pastel Blue and Pink Hair Colors Mix

Combine colors to create that multi-colored look. Pastel pink and blue hair shades are definitely a fashion trend right now, and it’s no wonder why! You can choose any of these pastel shades on their own or mix them in interesting ways to create a versatile color that looks like cotton candy came to life and landed on your hair.

9 Pink and blue hair ideas
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Concealed hair coloring: blue and pink

This is a hot trend in the hair coloring world. Concealed coloring is when you color your natural or colored hair, where the master hides it under the top layer of hair. It turns out that no one can see this coloring but you.

9 Pink and blue hair ideas
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Bob Haircut in Blue and Pink

This is a great way to update your look with something bold. This pink dyed hair goes well with the blue, but you can try any color combination that you think will work for your face shape and complexion.

9 Pink and blue hair ideas
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Pale pink and blue hair color

While classic blue and pink hair have become increasingly popular, the dye job to get there is a little different. Add some dirty blonde highlights for depth or even go dark brown with your base color before adding in bright pops of pink or baby blue. Make sure you’re committed because this look isn’t going anywhere anytime soon!

9 Pink and blue hair ideas
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