90s bob
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90s bob

The bob haircut on short hair is easy to perform and is considered really versatile. This is a great way to emphasize the favorable features and hide all the flaws. Thanks to this hairstyle you can completely shift the emphasis from the face to the hair. Fashionable female haircut is suitable for all hair types and has a wide variety.

90s bob
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Features of the bob haircut

Bob significantly increases the volume, so it is suitable for hair with any structure. Many famous girls and women give preference to this design of short hair. It is quite easy to choose the right kind of haircut for any style. Multi-layered haircut is performed so that the strands look neat and arranged even after the regrowth. To go from short to medium haircut requires almost no effort on the part of the master. This is a good option if you decide to grow your hair out.

90s bob
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Pros and cons of the short bob


The haircut is very popular among celebrities, because the bob has a lot of positive qualities. Among them are the following:

– The short bob haircut is easy to perform;

– The bob allows to simplify the everyday styling;

– The bob haircut harmoniously looks perfectly any coloring;

– You can perform haircuts on short and long hair;

– For each type of person selected by the technique haircut short bob;

– It has a rejuvenating effect;

– Stylists recommend all women to try a new and stylish image with a bob haircut at least once.

90s bob
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– In order for the haircut to hold its shape and the volume was present even after washing the head, you need frequent length adjustments, at least 1 time in 3-4 weeks;

– A short bob does not accept any kind of damaged and split curls, so constant hair care is required.

90s bob
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Who is suitable hairstyle bob on short hair

The haircut is chosen by women of different ages: from schoolgirls to pensioners. It best suits the oval or elongated shape of the face, proportional expressive features. Correctly chosen variant:

– Will make the wide forehead and its sides less expressive;

– It will hide the shortcomings of asymmetric face, protruding ears;

– Đ•mphasize the elegance of the neck.

When choosing a hairstyle, you should consider the following:

– The larger the face, the longer the strands should be;

– The wide back of the head is better to cover;

– The short bob will not suit overweight women with a short powerful neck, with a pronounced square or round face, as well as with large features.

90s bob
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Hair type

The owners of thin hair is better to decorate the haircut with locks, while from the straight lines it is better to refuse at all and form a side parting. A short square cut looks very effective on the dense and slightly wavy locks. However, if nature has not endowed you with luxurious hair, then do not worry, you can always help to emphasize the depth of look, the elegance of the cheekbones and the thinness of the neck. The side-lengthened square-cut with the volume in the crown area can cope with this task very well.

90s bob
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90s bob
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90s bob
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90s bob
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90s bob
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