Banana clip hairstyles - shell hairstyle
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Banana clip hairstyles – 7 attractive options

Banana clips are fun and easy to use. They can be used for all types of hairstyles, from braids to buns, pigtails to ponytails. Here are 7 different banana clip hairstyles that you will love!

What is a banana clip?

The banana clip is a hair accessory that looks like a fruit. It consists of two metal clips connected by a piece of plastic, with prongs on one side and combs on the other to hold your hair in place. Banana clips are usually about six inches long, but a wide variety of such clips are available, allowing you to create so many different hairstyles with them.

What is a banana clip?
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Banana clip hairstyles – classic ponytail

Banana clips can be used to create a number of different hairdos, but the classic ponytail is one that anyone will love. To get this look: first part your hair into three sections, two on top and one at the back – then secure each section with a banana clip. Make sure you pull each section

Banana clip hairstyles - classic ponytail
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Banana clip hairstyles – voluminous ponytail

Another hairstyle that can be created with a banana clip is a voluminous ponytail. To make this hairstyle, take the top part of your hair and fasten it with a banana clip. Then brush the ponytail with a fine-toothed round comb to get fluffy and voluminous hair.

Banana clip hairstyles - voluminous ponytail
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Banana clip hairstyles – bow -clip

On sale is a hairpin not only in the classic form, but with the addition of different materials. For example, in the form of a bow. This accessory can perfectly decorate your hair and make even the simplest hairstyle very unusual and worthy of any holiday.

Banana clip hairstyles - bow -clip
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Banana clip hairstyles – high bun

Yet another option is a hairstyle with a bun. To create this look, you will need to take the of your hair and pull it back into a bun. Then secure it with one or two banana clips at the top – make sure that they are not too far from each other as you want all your hair in between them.

Banana clip hairstyles - high bun
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Banana clip hairstyles – comb hairstyle

Original option for your hair. This hairstyle can be created using banana clips and a comb. First gather your hair in the back and then form an elongated bundle and secure it on both sides with clips.

Banana clip hairstyles - comb hairstyle
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Banana clip hairstyles – gathered hair at the nape of the neck

A small barrette can be used to decorate a simple hairstyle. For example, you can create a hairstyle with hair gathered at the back of the head – it will look very elegant and stylish. To make such a hairstyle, you need to gather the hair at the back partially, so that the main mass remained uncollected. Thanks to this approach, you can make the image feminine and romantic.

Banana clip hairstyles - gathered hair at the nape of the neck
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Banana clip hairstyles – shell hairstyle

Another option is to curl your hair in a shell shape. To do this, take the bottom part of your hair and start curling it in a semi-circle. Then insert a banana clip in the middle, and if necessary, use two pieces. You can make a rather unusual hairstyle shell, which is sure to attract attention!

Banana clip hairstyles - shell hairstyle
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