Beige blonde hair - sweet caramel
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Beige blonde hair: natural and elegant

Beige blonde hair is a beautiful color that will make you look elegant and natural. There are many different ways to get this color, but one of the best ways is highlights with balayage. This includes adding light pieces throughout your hair that mimic the sun’s rays by strategically placing them near face-framing layers or around your face. You can also get beige blonde hair through ombre highlights, where there are more gradual changes in color from dark to light. Another way to wear this trend is with all over platinum blonde highlighting on top of your natural brunette colored strands for an instant refresh!

Beige blonde hair – classics

Classic will always include notes of white, light brown and cream colors. The mixing of these will result in a cool and beautiful shade of beige. Beige goes well with different girls with their color type.

Beige blonde hair - classics
Photo from @califormulas

Beige blonde hair – with ashes

To get a more interesting look, which is also considered incredibly modern, masters recommend adding an ash tone to the paint. Ash will give a beautiful and unusual cast, which will make the image incredibly appealing.

Beige blonde hair - with ashes
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Beige blonde hair – natural

Natural Beige combines shades of wheat, caramel, ivory and white. The master accurately measures this or that paint, but places more emphasis on wheat. The result is a nice beige color with yellow undertones. This effect forms a natural look, so the coloring will also be difficult to recognize. It is perfect for all hair lengths.

Beige blonde hair - natural
Photo from @salonabovebyliza

Beige blonde hair – smoky

Beige with a muted shade always works. The dye is mixed with a small amount of light gray, and then toner is added. However, the toner is applied after the hair has been dyed. It rather dulls all the color, and the coloring comes out smoky.

Beige blonde hair - smoky
Photo from @herbytena

Beige blonde hair – white gold

Dyeing beige with white is complicated, but fantastically beautiful. It is a blonding technique in which the master will be able to create a similar look on your hair. It is best to create white gold on long hair, as it reveals its fullness better on it. Blonding will not require frequent coloring of the roots, which is very convenient.

Beige blonde hair - white gold
Photo from @hairbykimberlyh

Beige blonde hair – warm

Warm beige is a very soft and gentle color. It seems to emphasize the delicate feminine nature, helps to lose the extra years and emphasize the facial features. Soft warm beige is a color combining butter, caramel, ivory and cinnamon notes.

Beige blonde hair - warm
Photo from @haircolourbysevo

Beige blonde hair – amber

Notes of light copper, rich caramel and mother-of-pearl dominate the amber beige. All of these harmonize beautifully together, creating amazing shimmers in the hair. The coloring of beige amber suits girls of different ages, and looks favorably on short hair. It combines beautifully with fashionable short haircuts, so it will be easy to choose the perfect option for yourself.

Beige blonde hair - amber
Photo from @esthetics_borna

Beige blonde hair – sweet caramel

Sweet caramel is considered one of the most popular shades of beige hair color. The fact is that it is neither cold nor warm, it is versatile. It contains overlaps of cool and warm notes, which is comfortable and beneficial. This shade is always suitable for any woman, so feel free to opt for it.

Beige blonde hair - sweet caramel
Photo from @thomkirbyhair