Birthday hairstyles
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Birthday hairstyles

A birthday is no less important than any other holiday. The birthday girl wants to shine in all her glory on this day, showing off in front of others. Preparation for the holiday always begins long before its arrival and a lot of time is allocated not to the festive menu, but to the elements of the appearance of the heroine of the occasion. Women pay particular attention to hair style because it completes the image.


This is a classic hairstyle, in which the curls of the same size and width are arranged hair to hair. To make this hairstyle, you will need curling irons or a curling iron and clips. And don’t forget the styling products! They will help the waves to hold all evening and protect your hair from the heat.

How to make a Hollywood wave: step by step.

1. Make a side parting, dividing the hair into two parts.

2. Align a lock of hair parallel to the parting. Wrap it around the curling iron, twisting it slightly.

3. Take out a strand and without loosening it, pin it. Try this on the entire head.

5. Loosen the locks and comb them starting from the roots.

6. Add hairspray and decorate with a hairpin, if desired.

Birthday hairstyles
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Birthday hairstyles
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Birthday hairstyles
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Brazilian curls

Often also known as an African curl. You can easily create super fluffy hair in the style of BeyoncĂ© at home – and without curling tongs. Need only hairpins or thick thread.
It is necessary to twist wet strands of hairpins in the form of figure eight, wait a few hours, dissolve and comb.
The method with the thread is even simpler: you should twist small strands, until they are curled to some kind of a bump at the roots. Then fix it with a thick thread. You need to choose the strands in a staggered order, so as not to see the parting.

Birthday hairstyles
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Birthday hairstyles
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The easiest way to make a high or low ponytail. The first option is more elegant and suitable even for business meetings and evening promenades, especially if you make the strands perfectly smooth. And the second looks more relaxed and looks very nice with bouffant, slightly twisted curls. Comb your hair well and put together a regular high ponytail (if you want, you can much more comb the strands at the top of your head and spray with hairspray). Try to tighten the ponytail tighter, but only so that you don’t hurt your hair. And to make sure that after half an hour the ponytail will not slide down, fasten two “bobby pins” at the base, so they fix the rubber band and not let it move. Just make sure that the hairpins don’t dig into your skin.

Birthday hairstyles
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Birthday hairstyles
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Step-by-step instructions.

1. It is desirable to cover the comb with smooth strands, so separate some of the hair for this purpose. If you do a comb over the entire head, it can be, for example, strands a couple of centimeters thick, taken along the entire length of the parting.

2. Take a strand 1-2 centimeters thick and take it up so that it is perpendicular to the surface of the head.
Use short, light strokes to move the thin comb deep into the strand toward the scalp. Work on the strand from the back and front. Start from the roots, gradually moving towards the tips. It is not necessary to work all the way through; a few centimeters will be enough. Go through all the hair this way.

5. Cover the combed part of the hair with uncombed hair.

6. Lightly brush through the strands of hair with a natural bristle brush.

7. Spray hair with hairspray.

Birthday hairstyles
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Birthday hairstyles
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Birthday hairstyles
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