Blue black hair - fashionable bob
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Blue black hair is the coolests hairstyles in the world

Blue black hair is the coolest hairstyle in the world. It’s not for everyone, but it can be a great style if you want to stand out! This article will talk about different shades of blue black hair and how to get them.

How to do blue black hair?

In fact, to get a similar color is quite difficult, so the masters recommend to do the coloring only in the salon. If the coloring is monochromatic, then a blue tone is added to the black paint. This helps the hair to glow blue in the light. In other cases, the coloring technique is used with two colors: blue and black.

How to do blue black hair?
Photo from @ sarahalleyhair

Blue black hair – fashionable bob

For women who like short haircuts, such as a bob, the perfect hair color would be black and blue. It helps to create a mega stylish look that will definitely help make you stand out from the crowd.

Blue black hair - fashionable bob
Photo from @ theconfidentcolorist

Blue black hair – coloring technique

Coloring involves only partially dyeing the selected strands blue or black. For example, your hair is completely black, so you need to highlight a few strands in blue, or vice versa.

Blue black hair - coloring technique
Photo from @ awedeewolff

Deep black, muted blue

If you want to give your hair a blue-black shade, but do not like bright colors and unusual shades, then this option is right for you. The effect of the color will be deep black combined with muted blue. This shade looks quite stylish and gentle at the same time. It does not make too much noise in order to attract attention

Deep black, muted blue
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Blue black hair – creative

A very creative coloring, where the master highlights in bright blue bangs and part of the front strands of hair, which creates a unique image.

Blue black hair - creative
Photo from @ hairbymeredith2021

Blue black hair – curls

Another hairstyle with blue and black hair, where light curls are highlighted in this color. It is perfect for those who want to diversify their image without spending too much time on styling the hair every day.

Blue black hair - curls
Photo from @ emanuelacurlsandall

More blue in black

The classic method of coloring is when the master mixes the black color with a large amount of blue, and then additionally saturates the selected strands with blue. This helps to increase the amount of blue tone, resulting in a beautiful and unusual result.

More blue in black
Photo from @ hjlhairjoylove

Half blue, half black

For women who want to fully experiment with the image, it is better to choose a balance of black and blue. In this case, half of your hair will be colored in a black shade and the other half in blue. This solution looks stylish and neat at the same time! But it is worth understanding, such coloring is very unusual and it will cause increased attention in the people around you.

Half blue, half black
Photo from @ jj_margaret

Black and blue ombré

The ombré hairstyle is becoming more and more popular every day. And this option will appeal to those women who don’t like bright colors, but still want to stand out from the crowd! The combination of black and blue works great in the ombré technique, which creates a beautiful color effect. In this example, the ombré starts with black and flows seamlessly into blue, which looks very gentle, smooth and harmonious.

Black and blue ombré
Photo from @ myponyhair