Blue pixie cut
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Blue pixie cut

Short haircuts are the best option for active modern women who appreciate every minute. Thanks to the short length it is no longer necessary to stand for hours in front of the mirror and try to arrange your hair in a perfect hairstyle. Among the short haircuts the absolute leader is the pixie. In this material we will show creative and bright pixie style in different forms, which is decorated with original coloring techniques.

Blue pixie cut
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Blue pixie punk style for straight hair

Pixie looks perfect on straight hair. To create a fashionable punk style hairstyle, you need to use a gel with a strong fixing effect. The result of the hairstyle will delight both the woman herself and all her surroundings.

Blue pixie cut
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Short haircut pixie style punk for a blue shade of hair

A short classic pixie can also be styled in the style of a bold hairstyle. For this purpose, ladies raise the bangs just a little bit. Bright and stylish image with pixie style punk can be finished with the help of dyeing in blue color. Stunning fashionistas always look very feminine and delicate.

Blue pixie cut
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If you choose a stylish pixie haircut and make a fashionable styling, you will get to add to the image of brutality. Such a tandem gives a woman the opportunity to express her impeccable taste, which no one can repeat.

Blue pixie dye for different hair color

Blond hair is a natural hair shade that suits women with any color type, but to get a striking image, ladies decorate their hair with a mind-blowing blue tonic.

Blue pixie cut
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It’s also easy for blondes to recolor, where the shades will vary in formation. You can chaotically lift your hair and create a bright, casual look. Many fashionistas add even more sass to the hairstyle, for this purpose, vertical strands are put in a pointed shape.

Who is suitable for the blue pixie

If you have a small face and large or just unusual facial features, do not even think about whether to cut or not – courageously go to the salon! Pixie haircut will emphasize puffy lips no worse than a plastic surgeon, and it will make the big eyes look huge. The thing is that it focuses the attention on the face, and the view has nothing else to “latch” on. Pixie haircut suits girls with oval or elongated thin face and hair of almost any texture.

Blue pixie cut
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Who will not go for a blue pixie

Pixie haircut is contraindicated to owners of small tight curls – they will be extremely difficult to arrange. Also it is worth to be careful girls with small facial features: it can both enlarge and visually reduce them. Do not experiment sharply with the owners of a round face and a short neck. First, gather the hair with hairpins, take a few photos and see if this image suits you.

Blue pixie cut
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How to style your hair

Despite the small length of hair, the pixie haircut provides room for creativity. The easiest styling option is to smooth your hair using a small amount of lotion, cream, gel or wax, depending on your hair texture. If you’re trying to avoid styling products, you can use a leave-in conditioner or hair oil instead – stylists have been using styling products as styling products for a long time.

Blue pixie cut
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Blue pixie cut
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