Burnt orange hair - shearling wolf
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Burnt Orange Hair – Wild and Radiant

Do you love the look of bright, vibrant colors? If so, then you will be delighted to know that burnt orange hair is here! This shade can be achieved using any color with red undertones. But if your goal is to achieve a true burnt orange, then red and gold are the best options for achieving this.

What color burnt orange hair?

A similar color can be obtained at home and in professional settings. Therefore, it is considered convenient in terms of repainting. Burnt orange hair color is created by mixing copper, red and gold dye. Here the master can play with the tonality to create a brighter shade, or vice versa, a darker shade.

What color burnt orange hair?
Photo from @silkpressmasters

Burnt orange hair – on curly hair

Few bright colors look good on wavy hair. All because this hair structure is not very light and requires increased attention from the outside. In burnt orange color curly hair will look flashy, stylish and incredibly feminine.

Burnt orange hair - on curly hair
Photo from @wiglifee

Burnt orange hair – on straight hair

This bright color on straight hair will look very unusual. Therefore, consider this shade for those who are not afraid of experiments and changes in appearance. Moreover, straight hair is considered to be one of the most fashionable and more than any other structure suits different women. On straight hair burnt orange color will lay even tone, but you can choose a different technique of dye application, where many fashionable techniques are available.

Burnt orange hair - on straight hair
Photo from @ubeauty_abby

Burnt orange hair – ombré

Ombré is a great way to color your hair. This method allows you to gradually change the color from dark to light or vice versa. The result is an incredibly attractive and versatile look with bright colors at the tips. Ombré looks good even on those who are not very fond of experimenting with hairstyles. It can perfectly change the appearance and make it more attractive.

Burnt orange hair - ombré
Photo from @kekesharron_

Burnt orange hair – fancy Kare

This shade of hair is perfect for those who are tired of their usual color or want to change something in their appearance. This fiery red-orange fits perfectly into the image of a modern girl, but without losing its femininity. The brightness is easily combined with darker shades and gives a great effect on short haircuts. However, this bright tone, so if you do not like to stand out, it is better to pick something else

Burnt orange hair - fancy Kare
Photo from @memmieyo

Burnt orange hair – balayage

This is a modern way of coloring hair that allows you to create any shapes, gradients and color transitions. It may be interesting for those who want to experiment with their appearance without changing it drastically. The result will look natural and impressive at the same time, depending on how much dye was applied during painting.

Burnt orange hair - balayage
Photo from @h2d4easton

Burnt orange hair- dreadlocks

The searing orange color will perfectly emphasize your sassy character if you do your hair dreadlocks.

Burnt orange hair- dreadlocks
Photo from @firegyal.official

Burnt orange hair – shearling wolf

Fashionable novelty in the world of hairstyles and haircuts – this is a wolf haircut. The master treats the hair in a special way, which results in an incredibly stylish and special look.

Burnt orange hair - shearling wolf
Photo from @toniandguynz

Burnt orange hair – bright orange

It’s very easy to create an incredibly bright and trendy look by adding bright orange to the paint. It turns out that the burn will be a little aside, and instead it will show a rich and ripe shade of orange.

Burnt orange hair - bright orange
Photo from @thezeexperience