Cherry cola hair
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Cherry cola hair

Even since the time when our ancestors lived in caves and dressed in animal skins, the beautiful half of mankind had a tendency to strive for self-improvement, to search for their ideal image. The animal bones were used to make primitive combs and hairpins and the hair was dyed with the juice of plants or herbs.

Cherry cola hair
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Nowadays girls dare bold experiments with their appearance, trying to make their own reflection in the mirror appear stylish and attractive beauty. According to stylists, bright and juicy hair colors that are in harmony with skin tone and eye color, help to get a charge of positive energy, will give the hair a well-groomed look and lively shine.

Cherry cola hair
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Bright and juicy hair colors are very popular now

If the current color of your own hair has already bored you and you are again irresistibly attracted to the shelves with all sorts of dyes, try a fresh option – a juicy and “delicious” hair color dark cherry. This playful and somewhat daring shade is able to transform any image, bringing into it a bright note, but it absolutely will not go for the complexed and modest individuals. Because it will attract to you not a lot of attention from others, and will separate from the crowd.

Cherry cola hair
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Cherry cola hair
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Who is suitable for cherry hair color: tips for girls

Do you wish to challenge the society with the color of your hair, but too bright (blue, purple, flashy red) colors are not for you? The color of overripe cherries is just right. It is dark enough to make you look professional and mature at work, but at the same time fashionable and bold, it will help to stand out, making you a central figure in any team. This tint is versatile, available in several different shades – from a subtler darker, to a brighter light, it blends well with many skin tones. But it is best suited for owners of dark, gray and brown eyes with olive shades of skin.

Cherry cola hair
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Cherry cola hair
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Peculiarities of cherry hair color

Cherry hair shades belong to the brown, red, purple and reddish ranges. The final result of the coloring varies depending on the original hair color. It will help “revive” hair for owners of dark curls, tired of the usual range, and will be a dramatic change of look for the blonde beauty.

Cherry cola hair
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How to achieve the right shade: dark cherry, cherry red and cherry brown

Think carefully, dyeing blond hair in a cherry color, because it will be rather difficult and labor-intensive to return to the “native” color. In addition, for blondes it is not easy to achieve the desired shade, and it often requires several dyeing procedures: first the base color, such as red-brown, and then this universal shade.

Cherry cola hair
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It is not easy to achieve a dark cherry color for owners of very dark hair, such as black or dark chocolate. There is a chance to spend a decent amount of money on hair dye and hairdresser services, to dry the head and to be with the original color of your hair. Give preference to proven, durable brands whose color lasts for about 6 weeks, while remaining bright and lush.

Cherry cola hair
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Hair Dye Instructions

  • Generalized instructions for dyeing hair into a cherry shade at home are as follows:
  • Clearly determine the necessary shade;
  • Lighten dark hair;
  • Cover the place where the dyeing will take place with oilcloth or newspapers;
  • Unpack the box, read the instructions, mix the paint in the specified proportions;
  • Put on gloves;
  • Comb out your hair well;
  • Apply the dye to the whole length of the hair, starting from the ends, then move on to the roots;
  • Cover with plastic wrap and keep warm;
  • After waiting for the specified time, rinse your hair well, dry it and style it;
  • Enjoy the result obtained.
Cherry cola hair
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