Chestnut brown hair - saturated
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Chestnut brown hair – range of beautiful shades

Chestnut brown hair is one of the most popular shades for people looking to dye their hair. The color ranges from dark chocolate-brown to light copper tones, and can be achieved by mixing two or more colors together – it’s a great way to experiment with different looks!

Chestnut brown hair – classic

Classic contains a noble light brown palette, which may have additional highlights of dark brown. To form an elegant and stylish look, the master applies a chestnut tonic to the hair, which makes the hair magically attractive.

Chestnut brown hair - classic
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Chestnut brown hair – chocolate

Chocolate is the perfect combination for creating a chestnut brown hair color. This color is rich, warm, with an elegant touch of spice – the most attractive choice in today’s fashion world!

Chestnut brown hair - chocolate
Photo from @ leahrip_

Chestnut brown hair – dark caramel

Dark caramel is the name of one of the most beautiful shades for color dyeing. It has an intense shade, which beautifully emphasizes your eyes and skin tone! For this reason, dark caramel is often used by brides who want to emphasize their natural beauty on their wedding day.

Chestnut brown hair - dark caramel
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Chestnut brown hair – milk cocoa

Milk Cocoa is the perfect shade to color your hair in the fall season, when the weather outside gets cold and dark. It’s because it gives the illusion of warmth – just what you need when winter sets in! It is the best for brown and black eye wearers, and is also excellent on a variety of hair lengths.

Chestnut brown hair - milk cocoa
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Chestnut brown hair – mocha

Unusual, but incredibly deep shade of chestnut brown hair, can conquer any woman. It harmonizes with light, dark, tanned and olive skin, combines with any eye color and helps to emphasize the best facial features.

Chestnut brown hair - mocha
Photo from @ sammiiwang

Chestnut brown hair – dark chocolate

For those who like the unusual and bold, we present to you our dark chocolate. This color is very striking with its deep tone of chestnut brown hair – it’s perfect for creating an eye-catching combination! However, this dye requires special care after coloring your hair so that your style lasts longer than expected.

Chestnut brown hair - dark chocolate
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Chestnut brown hair – saturated

The rich auburn color is a vibrant, high-quality dye that perfectly enhances the beauty of your hair and face. The shade provides visual interest to dark hair and gives it an attractive look without too much risk. A copper toner is added to the dye, which forms a subtle redness on the hair that flows smoothly into brown

Chestnut brown hair - saturated
Photo from @ stefaniagrecu

Chestnut brown hair – ashes

The combination of auburn-brown hair and ash tones allows you to create a unique look for those who want to experiment with different styles. This color is for any season – you can use it always! The coloring is best revealed on long hair, where the master tries to highlight the ash strands framing the face.

Chestnut brown hair - ashes
Photo from @ beautybyambersalinas

Chestnut brown hair – short haircuts

Chestnut brown hair color on short haircuts is an excellent variant for those who want to emphasize their hairstyle, without losing the naturalness of chestnut shades. The highlight in dark tones helps keep a harmonious combination with light skin and blue eyes.

Chestnut brown hair - short haircuts
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