Crinkles hairstyle - from the roots without bangs
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Crinkles hairstyle – luxurious, feminine look

Crinkles is a new hairstyle that has been taking the world by storm. It’s a luxurious, feminine look that will have people looking twice at you. You’ll need to schedule an appointment with your stylist to get it done, but this is certainly worth the effort!

What is crinkles hairstyle?

The hairstyle is performed with special curling tongs, which help to create beautiful curls on the hair. Thanks to the different diameter of the plates and their degree of concavity, the effect is completely different on hair of any length. Below you will find the best ideas for crinkles hairstyle.

What is crinkles hairstyle?
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Crinkles hairstyle – waves in the braid

This is a great way to emphasize the beauty of your hairstyle and make it stand out even more. Create waves with crinkles in hair braids, which look amazing no matter how long they are.

Crinkles hairstyle - waves in the braid
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Crinkles hairstyle – an airy haze

This uses a very small diameter plate of tongs, which should be ceramic or titanium. Because you need a very high temperature to create this hairstyle, and with iron plates the tongs can severely damage the hair. Therefore, always choose a good salon with proven and expensive equipment.

Crinkles hairstyle - an airy haze
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Crinkles hairstyle – wet effect

To create a wet effect, you need to buy special tongs with a heating screw. It will help you quickly curl your hair, and then you need to apply a little moisturizing gel to fix it and lightly comb your hair with a comb. After spraying the hair spray to fix the style.

Crinkles hairstyle - wet effect
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Crinkles hairstyle – with volume

If Hairdressers recommend creating voluminous curls with curling irons corrugated. This is the only way to achieve an airy and very feminine result that will please you for 3 days. Be sure to adjust the temperature when curling and set it to maximum. Do not forget to apply a thermal spray to the hair.

Crinkles hairstyle - with volume
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Crinkles hairstyle – major creases

To create large folds, you need to use tongs with a large diameter plate, and the temperature should be low. This will allow you to curl your hair properly without damaging it too much. Forceps with three heating plates will help in creating such a hairstyle. They allow you to make the styling not only beautiful, but also very fast.

Crinkles hairstyle - major creases
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Crinkles hairstyle – sharp creases

This hairstyle is created with the help of tongs made from pure titanium. They are much better than other materials, because they heat up very quickly and do not damage the hair. You can use them in two ways: to create a soft effect or to make sharp creases that will give your face an interesting expression!

Crinkles hairstyle - sharp creases
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Crinkles hairstyle – lightweight

It is very easy to get such waves, for which the tongs with round heating plates of medium diameter are well suited. It is not necessary to choose a high temperature, as the curls should be a little soft and weak, so that the hair has only a light wave.

Crinkles hairstyle - lightweight
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Crinkles hairstyle – from the roots without bangs

If you want to get a crinkles hairstyle without bangs, then it is advisable to use tongs with oval plates and low temperature. This will give the hair volume and help create curls that do not look too stiff at the same time. You can curl your entire head of hair or just some strands so as not to overload

Crinkles hairstyle - from the roots without bangs
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