Curly hair with hairstyles
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Curly hair with hairstyles

When we see a girl with gorgeous curly hair, many people immediately think about how lucky she is, what beauty, how delightful the naturally curly hair looks. But most women who are looking at curls do not know that curly and curly hair is a lot of problems with care, because curly hair tends to split more often due to the hair structure, the choice of styling, because in the morning when you get up, the owner of curly hair looks like something cosmic, and at the slightest moisture in the air the hair can change despite your long efforts.

Curly hair with hairstyles
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Curly hair with hairstyles
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Features of haircuts on curly hair

Another very pressing problem is the selection of haircuts on curly hair, because the wrong haircut can not only ruin your appearance, but also add to your troubles with styling.
Today, we’re going to try to look at curly hair haircuts, the variety of which will help you in finding the best solution and the answer to the question of how to cut curly hair.

Curly hair with hairstyles
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Who is suitable for wavy hair

Wavy hair haircuts are suitable for most face shapes. They can be modeled in different solutions: to increase the volume, make a smooth structure, youthful bold feathers and, conversely, gentle curls. A haircut on wavy shoulder-length hair creates the effect of charm and youthfulness, it is suitable for women of any age. Elegant curls of medium length emphasize the feminine silhouette. Effectively looks a middle braid combined with a variety of bangs.

Curly hair with hairstyles
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To the soft and thin waves of medium length perfectly suits a haircut bob. For stiffer hair the haircuts of medium length in the type of cascade or ladder will be optimal. Haircuts on short, wavy hair are not an obstacle to your imagination. Styling mousse can help you create a new hairstyle every day. Perfect haircuts for short wavy hair are bob or pixie.

Curly hair with hairstyles
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The owners of long curly hair needs competent care for luxurious hair. To such hair should be treated gently, constantly moisturizing them and the right choice of products. Ideal for long hair would be haircut “cascade”, which allows you to make a natural transition curls from the top of the head to the bottom. The silhouette of the haircut looks unusual and feminine. Suitable for any curls.

Curly hair with hairstyles
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How to make wavy hair at home

This method is a set of recommendations for the care of the hair, following which the naturally wavy hair will look moisturized, the curl will become clearer and smoother. And girls with naturally straight hair will eventually be able to achieve beautiful waves that will appear and hold naturally. CGM Hair Type Classification According to this method, all hair types are graded by 1 to 4 and letters A to C. ”

Type 1 – straight hair without curls;

Type 2 – light waves;

Type 3 – loose spiral curls;

Type 4 – stiff hair with pronounced tight spirals.

Curly hair with hairstyles
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The main and most important rule, which lies in the basis of the method, is a complete rejection of products with silicones, sulfates, waxes, and alcohol in the hair care. Such products wash out natural oils, which worsens the process of hair moisturizing. Therefore, the first thing to take care of is to buy a sulfate-free shampoo.

Curly hair with hairstyles
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Shampoo is applied as close to the scalp as possible. Essentially, only the skin is being washed, not the hair itself. To do this, sulfate-free shampoo is applied to the fingers and lightly smeared along the surface of the head. In this case, the hair itself is slightly “unwashed. At least, that is exactly the feeling that many people have at first. Then comes conditioner without silicones. It should be applied to very wet hair, dissolving it in a small amount of water and pouring this water over the future curls. Some women use an ordinary basin for this procedure for a better effect. A little water is poured into the basin and conditioner is added. Then the hair is dipped several times in the water and squeezed back into the basin. In this way, they will get extra moisture.

Curly hair with hairstyles
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Curly hair with hairstyles
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