Curly hair with pencil
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Curly hair with pencil

Over the years, we’ve seen curls being made in many different ways. There are the more popular heated curls with irons and rods, while there are the rising stars known as the heatless curls. These curls use less popular methods like cloth or even the classic, iconic pencil. This type of curl might be familiar to you already. It’s just as its name says – curls using a pencil.

Curly hair with pencil
Photo from @hairlabacademy

Special pencil

If you were like me when I was younger, I used to play around with pencils in my hair. I used to tie it up using a pencil when I was bored in class or simply didn’t have a hair tie. If you’re anything like me, then this is definitely a hairstyle you’d enjoy. It’s fast, easy, and simply gorgeous. You don’t need any heavy duty appliances or expensive tools. All you need is a trusty pencil and some stamina in your arms.

Curly hair with pencil
Photo from @ geekchikchik

Steps to curling your hair with a pencil:

  1. Wet your hair and dry it until it is damp. Wring out any excess water in your hair with a towel instead of a blow dryer. It should be damp enough to keep the hair down while not dripping with water.
  2. Divide your hair into smaller parts where you’d like your curls to end up. Just keep in mind that the smaller the pieces, the better the curls. But, it may take a bit longer to complete.
  3. Choose between tight or loose curls, and grab your wooden pencil. Wrap these sections of your hair around the pencil. For this part, you can choose to use a flat iron.
  4. If you don’t, it’ll take longer for the curls to take shape. If you do, however, use it to heat up the pencil to get the perfect wavy look.
  5. Secure the pencil in place for a few hours or overnight, if you want it to stay longer. Having them overnight will create the perfect natural curl. You can choose to speed up the process by wrapping bands or hair clips around the twists.
  6. Finally, untangle your hair from the pencils to look at your stunning work. Just remember that the hair should be dry when removed. The later twists might need a bit more time so be sure to take them out a bit later, unless you want to risk it.
  7. Extra step: style it the way you want to. You can probably run your fingers through your hair for a more natural vibe or even put it up in a ponytail. The choice is yours!
Curly hair with pencil
Photo from @tamunka

Dense curls with a side parting

I also highly recommend using wooden pencils more than mechanical ones to get that breathtaking curl effect. It’s cheaper, easier, and much more natural-looking. The most common style are the tight curls with a side part. These are the easiest to achieve with a bit more edge to them.

Curly hair with pencil
Photo from @tarawoestyn
Curly hair with pencil
Photo from @ iam_ayokistyles1

If you have shorter hair and want to switch up the style a bit, you can definitely try this out. Be warned, it will slip off a lot but it will definitely be worth it!

Curly hair with pencil
Photo from @ iamcurlygirll
Curly hair with pencil
Photo from @ caidycreate