Dark mahogany brown - coloring
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Dark mahogany brown : a noble color for your hair

One of the most popular hair colors today is dark mahogany brown. It’s a great color for any woman who wants to be distinguished and stand out from the crowd, but still have a classic look. This beautiful shade of brown has been around since ancient Egypt when it was used as a coloring agent in furniture and pottery crafting. Nowadays, it’s mainly used on human hair because it looks so good!

What’s the color dark mahogany brown?

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This color is one of the classics, where brown and purple tones are mixed together. But in this kind of coloring, the purple tones are almost invisible, which makes the color so versatile. Masters offer to dye hair in different fashionable variations of such coloring, which we will talk about below.

Who is mahogany brown hair color suitable for?

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This color looks great on people with any skin tone and eye color. It also suits women with light eyes who want to make their facial features more pronounced and noticeable in the overall picture. But dark brown mahogany is especially recommended for brunettes. Because this shade perfectly complements the natural hair color. If you have black hair and dark eyes, then the coloring will fit perfectly into your image.

Fashionable shades dark mahogany brown

Dark mahogany brown – light

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It is a classic shade of light mahogany brown. It looks very natural and does not require any special care from women who want to enjoy this hair color for a long time. But by no means can this coloring be called monochromatic, because it has its own unique charm and femininity, which make it suitable only for real women.

Dark mahogany brown – classic

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Classic brown mahogany is a color that looks very appealing. It has high level of saturation, but it’s still not too bright and does not make your image look vulgar or harsh.

Dark mahogany brown – dark

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Dark mahogany brown is a very stylish color that can make your look unusual and interesting. It can add intrigue to any woman’s face and make her eyes shine with the bright energy of youth. Dark brown mahogany looks good on all skin tones.

Dark mahogany brown – with a touch of copper

Dark mahogany brown - with a touch of copper
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Coloring with copper notes allows you to easily update a boring image. The master mixes the paint with copper or red tones to get a similar effect.

Dark mahogany brown – with violet overtones

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This color is perfect for brunettes who want to emphasize their individuality and distinguish themselves from the mass. It looks great on dark skin tones, but it’s also good on lighter ones. And purple undertones perfectly highlight brown eyes against this background.

Dark mahogany brown – coloring

Dark mahogany brown - coloring
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The coloring technique is the kind of coloring method that allows you to retain some of the natural coloring of your hair. That is, along with the brown mahogany will be beautifully intertwined with the native hair color, such as black or blonde.

Dark mahogany brown on short hair

Dark mahogany brown on short hair
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If you have short hair, dark mahogany brown will go great with it. It adds volume and makes your hair look bigger than it really is.

Dark mahogany brown on long hair

Dark mahogany brown on long hair
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This dark mahogany brown color is able to emphasize the natural beauty and femininity of any woman who chooses this coloring. After all, it opens in full force on long hair.