Dirty blond hair is more "messy"
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Dirty blonde hair: 8 shades of dirty blonde hair

You might not know what dirty blonde hair is, so before we go any further and talk about the different shades, let’s take a minute to give you some background. Dirty blonde hair is usually lighter than golden-blonde hair, but has less red or gold tones in it. It can be light brown with ginger or orange undertones. And as if that wasn’t enough to confuse anyone, there are also variations of dirty blondes: ash blonde and platinum blonde!

Dirty blond hair color – classic

The classic dirty blonde has a gentle and enchanting result. It is ideal for women with light-colored eyes, while at the same time being able to accentuate darker ones and visually rejuvenate the image. Due to the versatility of the color, it is well suited to any hair type and length, and also looks good with different haircuts.

Dirty blond hair color - classic
Photo from @ bombshellblondee

Dirty blonde hair color – with an ashy tint

With an ashy tint, dirty blonde hair is a good option for women with dark skin who want to lighten their look. If you have black or brown eyes and prefer medium-length long haircuts, the color of your hair will enhance them even more – this way they look lighter and bigger than usual!

Dirty blonde hair color - with an ashy tint
Photo from @ alydavishair

Dirty blonde hair with highlights

This version of dirty blonde is similar to the classic blonde, but it has highlights. This way, your hair will look brighter and livelier than if it were just undyed! It suits any type of woman’s face. As a dye to create highlights, the master can use white or ash dye, and add a silver tone.

Dirty blonde hair with highlights
Photo from @ sadieface

Natural dirty blonde hair

The natural version of dirty-blonde hair is a good choice for women who prefer to look more neutral. It mixes yellow, beige and blonde colors at the same time, resulting in a very natural and natural result. This coloring is similar to the native color of the hair, which is very relevant for women who do not like artificial beauty.

Natural dirty blonde hair
Photo from @ hairbyian

Dirty blonde hair – dark veil

Dirty blond can be darker than the rest if you want. This is a rather rare coloring, which is nevertheless popular. Here, beige and light brown shades are added to the dye, or a native hair color, such as classic or dark blond, is taken as the basis.

Dirty blonde hair - dark veil
Photo from @ hair.with.mia

Dirty blonde hair – more gray

If you want to give your hair a fresh and stylish look, dirty blonde with gray is the right choice. This coloring is suitable for women who already have gray hair. Thanks to the unique and elaborate coloring techniques, your hair will look well-groomed and the whole look will be incredibly feminine.

Dirty blonde hair - more gray
Photo from @ alliefchianese

Dirty blond hair is more “messy”

Dirty blond hair is a modern and innovative coloring. It has been around for several years, but it still looks fresh and unexpected. This option contains a large amount of gray dye, which is slightly muted by beige. This gives the effect of a very “dirty” color, which will perfectly garombine with green and gray eyes.

Dirty blond hair is more "messy"
Photo from @ hairbyalyssaa_

Dirty blonde hair on short hair

Dirty blonde hair is great for short haircuts. The color of the dye makes your face look fresh and young, but it will also emphasize your femininity! Every woman who wants to give her image a youthful touch without losing elegance can wear this variant.

Dirty blonde hair on short hair
Photo from @ sableharlow