E-Girl hairstyles
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E-Girl hairstyles

For those who are carefully preparing for the new season, thinking about a new fashionable image, it will be useful to learn about fashionable hair coloring. If you decided to completely change your appearance, in addition to your hairstyle, you should think about how to dye your hair. The most fashionable hair shades in this season remain the color blonde in a rather interesting interpretation with notes of pink, honey and even dark shades of hair, as well as the closest shades to natural, but also many different and juicy shades

Pink Blonde

In fashion magazines you can find different names for the stylish shade. Most often it is called pink blonde, it looks like light pink. There are also its variations:

– strawberry blonde;

– rose gold;

– cold pink blonde.

Strawberry blonde is a richer shade, it is slightly darker than pink blonde, it combines notes of light blonde and pink peach with blush sides. This trendy color has a characteristic “sweet” sheen and looks gorgeous on the hair. Thanks to this coloring, the face looks fresh, young, there is a blush, and with it the mood.

Pink Blonde E-girl
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pink egirl
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Red ombré

When it comes to color ombré, long hair is the best way to do them. Rich red melts beautifully on chocolate brown curls, creating a gorgeous red ombré effect. Just add light purple tones underneath to add volume to your hair.

red omre egirl
Photo from @asianbabybombshell

Blue strands

Why is this color loved by fashionistas worldwide? Rich noble blue sets a positive mood, calming and giving harmony. In addition, the blue shades will emphasize the depth of the dark tone of hair, adding personality to it.
In this case, bright colors can highlight existing skin imperfections: acne, freckles and circles under the eyes, so be vigilant when choosing a tone for coloring: you may need to pay attention to other colors in the palette. Your master will be sure to tell you before the procedure.

Blue strands e-girl
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Blue strands
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Concealed coloring

Concealed coloring is a technique that allows you to hide colored strands or even an entire “layer” of vibrant hue in the bulk of your hair so that they are not visible until you detangle your hair or put it together in a hairstyle that reveals the “secret” layer.

E-Girl hairstyles
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E-Girl hairstyles
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Candy hair color

What’s the latest word in the world of hairdressing today? Candy-colored hair! Going for this style can transform any outfit and make it the flavor of fashion. It’s a bold and stylish way to showcase your personality and catch the eyes of those around you. However, before you open a bottle of dye, check out the tips to ensure that such stunning hair makes the right impression.

E-Girl hairstyles
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E-Girl hairstyles
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Emerald is a stone that has fascinated people since antiquity. Legends have been made about it and believed in its magical properties. The emerald was believed to turn dreams into reality, to help one read minds and see the future. We can’t promise that you can achieve all that with emerald coloring, but we guarantee you the attention of people around you: the saturated green shade rarely leaves anyone indifferent.

Emerald egirl
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E-Girl hairstyles
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