E-Girl Hairstyles
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Easy Girls Hairstyles to School in 5 minutes

Children’s hairstyles represent a whole sector of hairdressing art, in which the imagination can unfold to its fullest extent. Hairstyles for girls can be very simple, but without losing a fraction of their aesthetic qualities. Learn how to make beautiful hairstyles in the garden need every mother who wants her child to look neat and well-groomed.


E-Girl Hairstyles
Photo from @viktoriyakyprikova


To make ponytails in the form of an intricate weave, you need to take:

– Colored elastic bands. For short hair you will need 6 – 10 rubber bands, for long – up to twenty pieces.

– Comb.

– Spray for easy combing if necessary.

Symmetrical ponytails

Such a styling for girls will be a great everyday option, for example, for a trip to kindergarten.

1. On the crown are made symmetrical ponytails at a distance of ten centimeters.

2. One of their ponytails is divided in half with a comb.

3. Below the opposite rubber band, another ponytail is attached, and this strand is connected to it.

4. The cured third ponytail is again divided in half, and the separated part is joined to the next ponytail formed on the opposite side.

5. The actions are repeated to the lower limit of the growth of the hair, and then the hair is divided in half into short ponytails and fixed with hairpins or rubber bands.

E-Girl Hairstyles
Photo from @ pricheski_sap
E-Girl Hairstyles
Photo from @ pricheski_sap


Take a curling iron (yes, that’s the device for straightening hair) and use it not for its intended purpose:

1. separate a small strand of pre-dried and well combed hair and clamp it with the device at a distance of 2-3 cm from the roots.

2. Turn the iron to 180 ° C and slowly run it through the hair to the ends. Here it is important not to overdo it: if you squeeze the curl too hard, you will get sharp and ugly creases.

3. Repeat the process on the remaining strands.

4. Allow the locks to cool, then brush them out with a big wooden comb or use your fingers to loosen them. Don’t brush locks flat, as they won’t hold for long.

5. Fix the result with a hairspray.

E-Girl Hairstyles
Photo from @locon_girl
E-Girl Hairstyles
Photo from @_galinarusanova
E-Girl Hairstyles
Photo from @ tania_mavka
E-Girl Hairstyles
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A Few Secrets for Using a Hair Iron

– Never use a pair of curling irons when your hair is wet, as it can be extremely harmful to your hair.

– All the manipulations with the iron should be done from the roots to the tips.

– Do not go overboard with the temperature – for a blonde hair choose the medium mode.

– To avoid the appearance of unsightly folds, lead the iron on your hair smoothly and do not squeeze the strand.

Braids for girls

To perform it quite easy, besides on the short strands of it is even easier to do accurately:

Take the part of the hair that will be the beginning of the braid and divide it into three parts;
Start braiding like a normal three-strand braid, while capturing and weaving free locks into each step or through one.

If your hair is quite short, you will have to make two or three such spikelets, which are better decorated at the ends with a ponytail and a bow – braided up to the ends, they will not be so attractive.

E-Girl Hairstyles
Photo from @ sofyas_mom
E-Girl Hairstyles
Photo from @ syatkina_pricheski
E-Girl Hairstyles
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