Electric blue hair
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Electric blue hair

Is there not enough drive in life, and everything seems too ordinary? Then it’s time to change something about yourself. You can start with something small – your appearance. For example, why not try colored strands? For the most determined non-conformists, optimists and dreamers electric blue hair will do, and all shades of the spectrum.

Electric blue hair
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Electric blue hair on long strands: what should be kept in mind

Perhaps the owners of long hair (smooth or wavy) can color curls in any shade of blue. Of course, provided that the strands are perfectly healthy. Of course, bright radical shades should not be tried on damaged strands. Then the hair will flow and shine, instead of sticking out in different directions like straw.

Electric blue hair
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If your hair is brittle and dry, no amount of color can make it look amazing. Apparently, if your curls are in bad shape, the priority should be restoration, not coloring.

Electric blue hair
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Want electric blue hair like a mermaid? Then take care of their health.

Before you get blue hair, especially on long strands, it is advised to take a course of restorative masks. In addition, look at the oil masks, serums and wraps.

Electric blue hair
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Electric blue hair: shades and who it suits

The blue hair color is a very flexible notion. Fans of cooler shades can find for themselves a wide palette of blue, blue-green, mint, saturated purple shades. Do you want to know if blue hair suits you? In fact, from the point of view of traditional coloristics, blue color is considered unnatural and does not suit natural colortypes. However, we know examples when blue hair color looks great.

Electric blue hair
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Let’s say, saturated blue shades on brunettes, where the color will certainly suit, if you have dark eyes and a generally contrasting appearance, rich blue shades of hair will be to your liking. At the same time, light blue strands will be suitable for non-contrasting types and will help to create the image of Malvina from a fairy tale.

Electric blue hair
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Light-blond hair and blond

If you have blond or light-blond hair, by all means consider light ashy-blue shades. Despite the muted nature of this tone, it is difficult to go unnoticed with it. As a last resort, you can always leave dark roots to adapt blue hair to any type of appearance. To the blue color fits the whole palette of blue shades, as well as yellow, brown and rich burgundy tones.

Electric blue hair
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By the way, before you dye in radical shades, we advise you to revise your closet and pick up brighter shades of makeup.

How to dye your electric hair blue: all ways

Naturally, it is not at all necessary to dye the entire hair blue. Although, of course, you can, if you want. As a last resort, try on a blue wig. Bright blue strands can be achieved with color stretching. For example, types of coloring such as ombré or balayage.

Electric blue hair
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Stretchy colors look especially advantageous with permed hair. Do you want to get the real waves of the sea? We advise you to choose your favorite type of perm and master it to perfection. However, whichever type of perm you choose, try to use heat protection. By the way, this is especially true for colored hair. And when it comes to taking care of your locks after coloring, don’t forget about shampoo and conditioner.

Electric blue hair
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Electric blue hair
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