Flat twist styles - with a bundle
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Flat twist styles – surprise those around you

The flat twist is a versatile hairstyle that can be worn in many ways. It’s perfect for women with short or long hair, and it can also be done on damp (wet) or dry hair. The best thing about this style is that it takes little time to create!

What are flat twist hairstyles?

What are flat twist hairstyles?
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This versatile hairstyle, which is well suited to any type of woman. It adds femininity and an incredible style to the whole look. The hairstyle is made by twisting the strands, where the master tries to press the hair to the head as much as possible. There can be a lot of hairstyle modifications, where the curl is tight to the skin, and where the curl can hang freely, such as bangs.

Flat twist styles – dimensional

Flat twist styles - dimensional
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There are many variations of the flat hairstyle with extra volume. The most popular is the one in which several strips of curled hair are made on each side of the head, which forms a beautiful pattern. If your hair is thick, in any case, this method of weaving will make the hair voluminous. They will be structured and pronounced. People around you will want to touch such hair, so be prepared for increased attention from the outside.

Flat twist styles – with a bundle

Flat twist styles - with a bundle
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Girls who like to experiment with their hair are sure to appreciate this flat curl option. The style is suitable for hair that does not have too much volume, which makes it ideal for some types of women’s hairstyles. It takes more time than usual to create this curled head – at least half an hour. But the result is stunning.

Flat twist styles – greek-inspired

Flat twist styles - greek-inspired
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This is one of the most original options for women today. If you are looking for a hairstyle that will help you look beautiful, this option can be perfect for your hair. It is only suitable if your curls are of medium thickness and do not create too much volume on their own. The master should carefully divide all the strands into thin strips, form an even hairstyle, but allocate the hair to create the bottom headband.

Flat twist styles –  long ponytail

Flat twist styles -  long ponytail
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A flat hairstyle like this is the perfect choice for women with long hair. Here part of the hair is braided tightly to the head and part remains curled but in free fall. Such hair is fixed in a ponytail with an elastic band or barrette.

Flat twist styles –  practical ponytail

Flat twist styles -  practical ponytail
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The method is suitable for medium and not too thick hair. The flat hairstyle will look perfect with a practical ponytail for every day.

Flat twist styles – tight braid

Flat twist styles - tight braid
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A flat hairstyle may look a little different than we are used to seeing. After all, the master is experimenting and creating something new and interesting. For example, smoothly curled hair on the parietal area, and the rest of the hair tightly twisted into a thick braid.

Flat twist styles – for short hair

Flat twist styles - for short hair
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Flat-twisted braids can be made on short as well as long hair. The only difference is that the strands will not require such accuracy and thoroughness, so it’s much faster to create a beautiful hairstyle.

Flat twist styles – with bangs

Flat twist styles - with bangs
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For flat hairstyles go well and hair with bangs. After all, the master also twists the bangs in a spiral, but leaves them in a free fall. All other hair on the head is twisted very tightly against the skin. It turns out incredibly fashionable and spectacular variant of styling.