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Ginger Hair Color

Red-haired women are called fiery beauties, who not infrequently have an interesting appearance with a face studded with freckles. But not all women are born with such a beautiful hair color, so many want to repaint in this tone. Ginger, like other colors has its own shades, and in order not to miscalculate with the coloring you need to familiarize yourself with all the shades of ginger hair color.

Natural Ginger Hair Color

The natural ginger hair color cannot be achieved by dyeing, because this tone is given to girls at birth. Only natural redheads will enjoy this shade to the fullest. This shade perfectly complements the freckles on the skin of the face, making the image of each natural redheaded beauty sunny.


Light Ginger Hair Color

Due to the large choice of shade of ginger color, it is possible to repaint the hair in a lighter tone, so as not to stand out too much. Exactly the light ginger will allow achieving a similar effect and will be suitable for women with different colortypes of appearance. The characteristic feature of this shade is the mixture of golden, light-ginger and ginger strands.


Dark Ginger Hair Color

The rich Ginger color is presented here as a dark shade, which as if muffles the redness in the hair. To get a similar tone, craftsmen mix together a copper shade and purple, which ultimately forms a dark ginger.


Caramel Ginger Hair Color

Sweet caramel is mixed with ginger, which eventually results in a similar tone. Caramel Ginger doesn’t always come out light. It also comes in dark and medium saturation, it will all depend on your previous hair color


Copper Hair Color

The most popular shade of ginger hair. The popularity of the copper tone lies in the deep, rich tone that feels like it’s glowing from within. The characteristic copper color always shimmers in the sun and is perfect for girls with different eye colors and skin tones.


Dark Copper Hair Color

Dark copper is created on the basis of the classic copper, only here the master adds a dash of purple and red, which ultimately forms a dark copper. The shade looks very expensive, spectacular and such coloring can only be made by a master professional, as it is quite complex and requires careful preparation of the hair before coloring.


Ginger-Red Hair Color

With this shade, everything is quite simple. In a single bottle, red and red tone of paint is mixed, which forms a similar shade on the hair. Ginger-red refers to the bright, saturated shades, which allows you to stand out from the crowd.


Fire Hair Color

One of the most intense colors of ginger is fiery. It is very bright, attractive and fits well to women with white, porcelain skin. It is recommended to wear bright makeup under this hair color to make the image more harmonious and successful.


Carrot Hair Color

Carrot shade creates on the hair, as if a cartoon coloring. It is quite strongly associated with artificial color and borders on the level of a cheap kind of coloring.