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Hidden Hair Color

In the world there is a great variety of different coloring techniques, among which we can highlight the hidden. In fact, few people dare to make a bright and cardinal updating connected with the full repainting of hair, but the latent coloring will allow to realize your plans.

What is hidden coloring?


Concealed coloring implies the coloring of the lower layers of hair, which are covered by the upper layers. This is what allows you to hide the coloring, whatever it may be. After all, the top layer of hair will cover the bottom layer and it will only be visible when the hair develops in the wind.

Concealed coloring is made on any hair color and any length, well, of course, except for very short hair, where it will be simply impossible to hide the coloring. As a dye, the masters choose bright monochrome or even multicolored, which allows you to create a rainbow on the hair.

The advantages of hidden coloring

  • Concealed coloring is suitable for any hair color;
  • It can be done bright or monochromatic;
  • Creative coloring that is easy and simple to do in any salon.
  • Your coloring will only be seen when you want it yourself;
  • A quick image change without drastic coloring of all your hair.

Types of hidden coloring

Concealed coloring can be of different kinds, among which there are easy and quite complicated options. A little below we will consider the different of them in more detail.

Hidden Monochrome Hair Color

Most often, as a concealed coloring women stop their attention on the monochrome highlighting of the strands. After all, few people dare to immediately color their hair in a rainbow, so the masters use monochromatic colors. The most popular colors are red, blue, green, yellow, purple and pink.

The masters dye the hair in strands or the whole bottom layer of hair. Here already everything depends on the preference of the client. In any case, monochromatic coloring is a beautiful and creative solution for any hair.

Hidden Monochrome Hair Color

Hidden Multicolored Hair Color

And here the master already resorts to the use of multicolored paints, with which he colors the hair in succession. Here the dye completely covers the lower layer of hair, where each strand is tinted in the tone the client wants. There can be a varying number of such colors on the hair, and there is absolutely no strict technique for the use of color.

Multicolored hair coloring can form a peculiar pattern, which will look great on light or dark hair.

Hidden Multicolored Hair Color

Hidden Rainbow hair color

The most complex concealed coloring is rainbow coloring. Rainbow coloring is the most complex in that here the master carefully selects each shade, dyeing the hair one by one, thereby forming a bright and colorful rainbow.

hidden rainbow hair color

Rainbow consists not only of the classic 7 colors that are present in the rainbow. The master can choose completely different shades, among which there are pearly ones. Chameleon colors are super shades that a true master can recreate on the hair.