Mocha hair
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Mocha hair

For several seasons, mocha hair color is popular among fashionistas. It looks natural, sophisticated and elegant. The preference for this range is also due to the fact that any hair and hairstyles seem to be more voluminous. The strands themselves, dyed mocha, look healthy and shiny. The main vector of today’s fashion is naturalness, so the chocolate-coffee range fully corresponds to this trend.

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What does mocha hair color look like?

It is a neutral shade of coffee – without redness and red cast, so it is especially good for girls with a cold color type, suitable for home coloring. It is not too dark, unlike some auburn shades, and not too light. The calm, muted mocha color looks noble in any looks.

Mocha hair
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Mocha hair
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Advantages and disadvantages of mocha

In favor of dyeing in the color mocha speaks several arguments at once.

– The mocha color is not difficult to achieve. Blond hair will easily accept it. As for the dark hair, it is necessary to lighten it to mocha color only in the most intense shades.

– Mocha is a very natural color, but for blondes it is suitable for a radical change of image. See for yourself when you try Casting Crème Gloss in a peanut mocha shade by L’Oréal Paris.

– The mocha tint has a visual anti-aging effect, a fresher look.

– The mocha color looks beautiful in monochrome coloring as well, but it can serve as the basis for ombré or, for example, balayage.

The relative disadvantage of this range can be considered the fact that the color mocha does not suit everyone. It looks the most advantageous on girls with a cold color type. However, for those who have a warm color it is possible to find suitable shades.

Mocha hair
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Mocha hair
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Who is suitable for mocha hair color?

This shade can be chosen by many girls. First of all, the “snow-whites”, the owners of the cold color type. They are optimally suited for a neutral mocha without golden glitter. You can choose a matte shade with the addition of ashy-gray flecks. If you have a warm color type, you need a mocha color with a subtle golden glow. Especially successful mocha shade will emphasize brownish-green, hazel and light brown eyes.

Mocha hair
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Popular cool and warm mocha shades

Coffee Mocha.

This is a mocha color in its purest form – no golden glow, no ashy undertone. It resembles coffee beans or milk chocolate. It is the “purity” of this shade that makes it so popular.

Dark mocha.

This shade is more like a bitter chocolate. And it, too, has no impurities-no redness or red undertones. A good example of this is Cool Mocha shade in Casting Crème Gloss by L’Oréal Paris. Dark mocha will appeal to those who don’t want to take their color down to a warmer shade. This deep shade makes the look very expressive.

Mocha hair
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Walnut Mocha

The walnut mocha shade is lighter and softer. It has a warm note to it. This option will appeal to girls with a warm color type who do not want to “darken” their image too much.

Ashy mocha

Brown and gray in this shade act on equal footing. It is a cold color that will suit girls with the same color type. On the hair, contrary to expectations, it looks very soft and gentle. Therefore, visible accents are recommended in the makeup for contrast.

Golden mocha

Such a result is obtained by combining mocha with caramel tones. The hair acquires a warm shade and golden reflections. By the way, the result can be more effective if the coloring is based on the mocha color, and then complemented with caramel strands.

Mocha hair
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Light mocha

To imagine a light mocha, think coffee with cream or cocoa with an extra portion of milk. This shade is pretty close to blonde. And more often than not, light mocha is warm rather than cool; it’s worth considering and relating it to your color type.

Mocha hair
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Mocha hair
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