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Mushroom Brown Hair: The Colorful and Unique Color

Mushroom brown hair is a unique color that has been trending for the past few years. It is one of those colors that can be worn by any skin tone, which makes it perfect for anyone looking to make a change in their style. Read on to learn more information about this unique hair color!

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What is mushroom brown hair?

Mushroom brown hair color is a staggering color of modern coloring that involves light, dark, ashy or dark tones. Usually this color has a muted earthy hue, which is very unusual and sophisticated. It is well suited for coloring for different ages of women.

What is mushroom brown hair?
Photo from @ beautyartiststephanie

Mushroom brown hair – balayage

The balayage form of coloring gives the mushroom brown hair color a kind of mystery. This method is best suited for young girls and thick hair. Here it is easy to play with the tonality, which allows you to make the effect of burned out strands, or deep highlights of dark mushroom.

Mushroom brown hair - balayage
Photo from @ _mymyhair

Mushroom brown hair – light shades

Mushroom blonde is very difficult to get, but it can be done well. It looks interesting and beautiful on women with thick dark eyebrows or a reddish skin tone. Moreover, if you add a light beige tone, the effect is stunning, allowing it to be picked up by women with fair and olive skin.

Mushroom brown hair - light shades
Photo from @ knippers.klippers

Mushroom brown hair – dark shades

The dark mushroom brown hair color option is a great choice for women with swarthy skin. That said, there are many styles of coloring in this color group: from natural to bold and very bright and saturated dark shades. In any case, it is necessary to add some lightness at the end of the strands on the top, bottom layers of hair, or leave it darker throughout the entire web.

Mushroom brown hair - dark shades
Photo from @ tammy.ethan

Mushroom brown hair – classic

The classic mushroom brown hair color option is very popular among women of all ages, especially if you add some lighter streaks on the bottom layers. This method looks attractive and beautiful without pretense or effort to create a fashionable image.

Mushroom brown hair - classic
Photo from @ bebesalon

Mushroom brown hair – matte

The effect will allow you to create an interesting and unusual image. Here the master applies specially prepared dye to the hair, which does not add cold light shades, but only muted beige, ivory, and caramel. They are mixed with others, and then a toner is applied, which eventually makes the hair matte.

Mushroom brown hair - matte
Photo from @ vividmacabre

Mushroom brown hair – mixed

Mixed mushroom brown hair color is perfect for creating the effect of highlighting on the dark base. There are two ways to create it one with warm tones, and another – with cold ones. In both cases, you should choose a slightly lighter tone than your natural color and add some shadows or highlights at the ends of strands to make them more interesting.

Mushroom brown hair - mixed
Photo from @ piper_williams_hair

Mushroom brown hair – platinum

The option of platinum mushroom brown hair color is ideal for women with swarthy skin. To make the image more interesting, it is necessary to mix two colors – light ash and beige or cream.

Mushroom brown hair - platinum
Photo from @ samihairmagic

Mushroom brown hair  – california coloring

The california coloring allows you to apply the paint in a nonstandard way. The master applies a frequency technique, where light and dark highlights will be expressed more sharply.

Mushroom brown hair  - california coloring
Photo from @ the_beauty_effect11