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Pastel blue hair: cool and quirky

Have you seen the new hair color trend? It’s pastel blue! Pastel blue is a lighter shade of blue that is very popular with young women and teenage girls. There are many different shades of pastel blue, but most people prefer light blue or baby blue.

Pastel blue hair – with natural color

Amazing pastel blue color blends well with other shades of hair. In particular, with the natural color. Therefore, if you do not want to touch the roots in such a complex coloring and inevitably spoil them, as the hair must first be lightened. Then choose this method, where the master will not touch the roots and will start coloring only from the middle of the hair.

Photo from @maya.hopkins

Pastel blue hair – with a pearly sheen

The master adds to the blue dye, some beige and white. This will create a beautiful and unusual pearlescent shade on the hair. Dyeing is complicated, so it is important to do it only in a salon with a proven master. Coloring with a pearl shade is good for women with a cold color type.

Photo from @schouvimuah

Pastel blue hair – smoky

Smoky on the contrary creates with the help of gray paint color. However, here it must be dosed very carefully, as it is easy to spoil the whole image and the coloring will have to be redone. In addition to the gray color, the master must create conditions to neutralize unwanted yellowing and greening.

Photo from @sydnimamas

Pastel blue hair – long hair

On long hair, the pastel blue color is reflected very favorably. After all, long hair has always been considered an advantage for any woman. On such a length, it is very easy to create beautiful hairstyles, hairstyles that will look great in pastel blue. Such a hairstyle can be decorated with hairpins, hair accessories and jewelry.

Photo from @_haezy

Pastel blue hair – with a mullet haircut

Extravagant haircut mallet, which is suitable not only for women but also for men, looks great in the pastel blue tone of coloring. Mallet usually comes with voluminous bangs, which can be made in any favorable for your face modification. Mallet in pastel blue color is good for girls with a bold character and for girls rockers.

Photo from @amandaimme

Pastel blue hair – several shades of blue

Very cool coloring, where the master filigree combines shades of blue with each other. They are all pastel, delicate and not flashy, but still different from each other. Three or more colors can be placed on the same hair, which is also considered a complex coloring. It looks perfect on long, medium and even short hair.

Photo from @staciramseyhair

Pastel blue hair – rainbow tint

Unusual coloring, where the pastel blue color has an iridescent cast. It will be especially noticeable in sunlight. The rainbow will shimmer with all the colors, which will create a simply incredible and very attractive image.

Photo from @birdsofparadyes

Pastel blue hair – subdued tone

Less noticeable and the most muted of the options pastel blue. It is as if it were dirty, inconspicuous, washed out, but no less attractive. Such a shade combines favorably with dark, olive and tanned women’s skin, as well as with brown and black eyes.

Photo from @sincerely.patty