Pink short hair ideas
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Pink short hair ideas

Pink hair is a trend that has held its position for decades. At the same time, it regularly appears in new variants. Pink hair color has gained particular popularity in recent years. All thanks to the insta-trend for the color millennial pink. Have you long wanted to dare to make a bright experiment? Perhaps the most important thing is to choose your own shade of pink.

What shades are there for pink hair?

There is a huge number of subtones in the pink palette, so it will not be very difficult to choose the most appropriate one. In the process of dyeing, stylists recommend taking into account your natural color of strands, skin tone and eyes.

Pink short hair ideas
Photo from @barberiasdelmundo
Pink short hair ideas
Photo from @nigerian_naturalistas

Crimson curls

This color is the result of mixing blue and red. Brightness can be adjusted by adding different amounts of primary colors, blue can easily be replaced by purple, which will add depth and berry saturation.

Pink short hair ideas
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Pink neon

Dyeing with the preservation of dark roots and a smooth transition to a bright pink shade looks original. As the hairstyles are ideal for a simple classic styling with an emphasis on smoothness.

Pink short hair ideas
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Uncomplicated coloring.

Dark or light skin tone will help to advantageously emphasize a deep red, such as Burgundy or dark cherry. Hair can be gathered into a small ponytail, and the ends wrapped around the base, secured with bobby pins.

Pink short hair ideas
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Bright braiding

If you are the owner of not too thick hair then you can solve this problem by adding artificial strands or chignon in the same color scheme, but a few tones lighter than the main color of the hair. In order to hide the transition will have to show a little imagination and manual dexterity – braid the resulting locks into a “fishtail” and release the locks for the “lace” effect. The result will pleasantly surprise you and arouse the delight of others.

Pink short hair ideas
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Colorful sparkles

Hair can be dyed in a cool plum that looks perfect braided into tight root braids. You can start braiding them from the bangs line and join them at the nape of the neck. Such a hairstyle will remove small strands from the face, opening it as much as possible.

Pink short hair ideas
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Modern mermaid

Fashion dictates futuristic shades of hair, as well as combinations of several, at first glance, incompatible colors. One of the most successful, according to stylists, is a combination of cool aquamarine, purple and bright crimson. It is important to observe the rules of coloring and create smooth transitions between tones.

Pink short hair ideas
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Brides of the future

The traditional image of the newlywed can diversify the red shade of hair, which looks very unusual and stylish in combination with a white dress. When performing such a hairstyle can not do without accessories in the form of delicate flowers or strands of beads, which will be in good harmony with large curls and volume in the hair growth area.

Pink short hair ideas
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“Bob” in color

To diversify the usual “bob” is possible, using a special coloring technique, in which the darker root zone passes into red and crimson ends, and the area near the face is framed with strands of berry color. Long bangs and a slanted parting will add glamour and charm.

Pink short hair ideas
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