Ponytail with bangs - straight classic
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Ponytail with bangs – 9 versatile looks

It’s time to take your hairstyle game up a notch. Whether you’re looking for something new or just want to spice up your routine, this article will provide some inspiration. We’ve compiled 9 different ways that are perfect for any occasion, so you’ll have no excuse not to try them out!

Ponytail with bangs – side

A side ponytail is nothing new, but its presence always displays the image in a new way. To do this, simply brush a high ponytail and, if necessary, curl it with a curling iron or curling iron. This look is interesting, uncomplicated and will suit any holiday.

Ponytail with bangs - side
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Ponytail with bang – large curls

High ponytail easily transformed by twisting it on a large diameter curler. The same can be done with tongs, but you need to choose wide plates. Do not forget to apply a heat protectant on the hair so as not to damage its structure.

Ponytail with bang - large curls
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Ponytail with bangs – straight classic

The absolute classic among high ponytails is straight hair. Here you need to leave your hair the way it is, but if your hair is prone to curl, be sure to straighten it with curling irons. Try to make the ponytail as high as possible to get a true classic.

Ponytail with bangs - straight classic
Photo from @keelah.the.stylist

Ponytail with bangs – with African weave

For those women who know how to weave African braids, the ponytail is the perfect choice. First, you need to braid the African braids on the back of the head, or any other area of the head, for example, on the parietal, and the ponytail itself gather as usual. Do not touch the bangs, they should look as usual.

Ponytail with bangs - with African weave
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Ponytail with bangs- romantic

A romantic ponytail is formed very simply. Here you need to gather the hair not very high, leave the bangs and a few strands of hair near the face. These strands should be curled with tongs to get a romantic and delicate feminine look.

Ponytail with bangs- romantic
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Ponytail with bangs – voluminous

A great choice for work or every day is a voluminous ponytail. First, gather your hair as high as possible, and then comb it out with a comb. Distribute the bangs as you wish, but there is no need to curl them. This method of hairstyle is suitable for medium and long hair.

Ponytail with bangs - voluminous
Photo from @ the_sleek_mua_and_hair_stylist

Ponytail with bangs – festive

It’s easy to create a beautiful ponytail hairstyle for any holiday. Here you just need some extra time, because there is braiding. First, you need to braid. Any braid is allowed, which you know how to braid. If you do not know how to braid, it is worth to ask your friend for help. Then the usual ponytail is formed, which can be slightly twisted.

Ponytail with bangs - festive
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Ponytail with bangs – simple

A simple and easy bangs ponytail is braided with usually an elastic band or clip-on clip. Such clips are called bananas.

Ponytail with bangs - simple
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Ponytail with bangs – Hollywood

Elegant ponytail, where the master curls them using a special technique. Stylists for Hollywood stars most often use this technique. The image turns out very feminine and unforgettable.

Ponytail with bangs - Hollywood
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