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Purple Hair Color Ideas

In order to dramatically change the image, it is always necessary to start with the hair. After all, looking at what color they will be dyed, immediately picked up and formed the subsequent image and style. Today we will tell you about the most interesting, bold, but fantastically attractive purple hair color.

The beauty of purple

Purple hair color is a popular trend that will require enough courage to create it. Many young girls express their own character by picking up a similar tone, but purple can also be tried by older women.

Purple, like other colors, is divided into its shades. In particular, you can highlight the lavender, lilac, light violet and purple. Thanks to the beautiful palette, you can choose the original shade exactly for your hair color.

Shades of purple hair

In addition to the distribution into colors, purple can be given different shades. The shades are divided into cool and warm tones, where each type is selected in connection with the type of woman.

The most popular shades for purple hair:

Classic Purple

Classic always looks attractive and goes best with a swarthy or very fair complexion. Classic harmonizes well with different eye colors, so any girl can enjoy a similar shade.

classic purple hair

Dark purple


Red purple


Purple brown


Purple gray



A special shade of purple, lavender, is very popular among middle-aged girls. Lavender seems to emphasize the youthfulness and makes the image bloom in new colors.



Lilac is considered one of the most complex shades of purple, so home dyeing in a similar tone is not recommended. Due to the saturation of the color, it will be easy for you to create a special and bright image that will definitely not leave anyone indifferent.


Light Purple

Different coloring techniques can be used here, where the classic purple is mixed with ash or blonde. The combination results in a light purple tone, which as if slightly gives the hair a beautiful purple glow.


Who is suitable for purple hair color

There is no definite answer to this question. After all, every woman has an individual appearance, and due to the richness of the choice of shades it will be possible to choose the best option for coloring.

If we take age as a basis, of course, purple will not look too relevant in a monochrome application to the long hair of a woman over 40 years. Here it is better to use different coloring techniques, such as ombré or coloring, to make a beautiful transition of color on the hair.

For young women and teenage girls, monochrome coloring in purple is affordable and permissive. Purple will look great on any length of hair, even very short or long.