Red box braids - trendy bob
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Red box braids – 8 most fashionable hairstyles

Ready to step up your braid weaving? A faux box braid headband is the perfect way to do it. This hairstyle will give you an elegant and chic look that can be worn both formally and informally. Best of all, it is done with hair dyed red, or with red kanekalon.

Red box braids – classic braids

Red box braids - classic braids
Photo from @kellywihler

Whether you want a faux braid hairstyle or just braids, this is a great style for any time of year. For classic braids, it’s best to pick a dark red shade of kanekalon to blend with tanned or dark skin. Classic braids involve all hair. It means that the plait must be braided from the roots to the ends. This method looks great on long and thick hair.

Red box braids – tall hairstyle

Red box braids - tall hairstyle
Photo from @nefertitiii

We recommend choosing a bright red color and styling your hair in a high updo. To do this, it is enough to make classic braids by braiding a box, and then arrange their part on the parietal and occipital area. Part of the hair can be left loose and thrown to one side. If you love bangs, you can create them with the help of fuzzy braids.

Red box braids – ombré

Red box braids - ombré
Photo from @tauna_darling

If you want to create a faux braid hairstyle but your hair is not long enough or too thin, ombré is ideal. The good thing about ombré is that here you can present the braids in your native hair color, without recoloring it red. And part of the hair already braided, you add red kanekalon. This method allows you to achieve a chic and spectacular look that will be worthy of any holiday.

Red box braids – fiery red

Red box braids - fiery red
Photo from @avionna_caldwell

When it comes to red, everyone immediately thinks about the color of fire. This is probably due to its bright and flaming shade that always looks incredibly attractive on any person. If you want your braid hairstyle to look like flames, then choose dark-red kanekalon hair in a fiery shade with orange undertones.

Red box braids – brick red

Red box braids - brick red
Photo from @camebraids

If you want a hairstyle that resembles burning embers, brick red is the most appropriate option. Brick red hair color has an orange-brown hue and looks very attractive on almost anyone of any age. If your natural curls are dark brown or black, then add brick-toned kanekalon to them. For especially brave women, you can completely recolor your hair in brick and then weave braids.

Red box braids – trendy bob

Red box braids - trendy bob
Photo from @nneunfiltered

Braids are the best way to look trendy and stylish, even if you have short hair. And any hairstyle with braids, regardless of the length, will suit you. The trendy bob is a versatile haircut that suits many face shapes. And with red and braids, the hairstyle can reveal your femininity in a new way.

Red box braids – high ponytail

Red box braids - high ponytail
Photo from @ceeceelu_

Even a simple hairstyle with braids can look luxurious and sexy. For this, choose one of the most popular hairstyles – a high ponytail with braids on the top. You will need to do the usual classic braid from the box to get a spectacular hairstyle.

Red box braids – stylish bundle

Red box braids - stylish bundle
Photo from @keke

Braids are great for creating stylish updos. To do this, you can use a bundle of braids or faux box braid headband. You can wear both options on different occasions with formal and informal clothing. A chic hairstyle will allow you to look interesting and natural at the same time!