Red violet hair - rich classics
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Red violet hair – bright sparks in your hair

When you think of hair color, the first thing that comes to your mind might be something like “brown” or “black.” But what about red-purple? Red-purple is a lesser known hair color, but it is one of the most popular colors of any season. It may seem intimidating at first because it has all those intense shades, but trust us: this shade is worth a try!

What a red-purple hair color he is?

What a red-purple hair color he is?
Photo from @dylan_kitchen

In this color, rich notes of purple, pink, bright fuchsia and the final passionate red are woven together at the same time. All this gives an unmatched and incredibly magical color that is so eye-catching from the outside. It looks perfect on any length of hair, but it opens up best on long hair.

Fashionable shades and coloring techniques

Red violet hair – two colors

Red violet hair - two colors
Photo from @_illian

Red-purple hair color is not the only option for you. You can also make your red-purple strands brighter, darker or more intense. There are several different techniques that can help you achieve fashionable results, such as with the addition of another color. Any classic, black, white or gray color will go beautifully with red-purple. In our case, the master highlights the strands near the face in light, which in the end significantly refreshes the image. It also helps to rejuvenate it.

Red violet hair – rich classics

Red violet hair - rich classics
Photo from @jessicapowerspaints

The brightly saturated red-violet hair color is perfect for the upcoming season. The color perfectly expresses your personality, so don’t hesitate to do this kind of coloring!

Red violet hair – monochrome coloring

Red violet hair - monochrome coloring
Photo from @francine_scissorhands

This is a great option for those who want to impress with their image, but don’t have the courage to do such a bright and wild color. Monochrome coloring offers you several different colors of red-purple and gives your hair elegant shades that will be perfect for both everyday life and special events. This coloring will look best on straight and long hair.

Red violet hair – dark shade

Red violet hair - dark shade
Photo from @yourstruly.elina

The darker shade of red-purple refers to the deep. It shades brown and black eyes, and helps brighten blue and blue eyes. It harmonizes beautifully with the light and white skin of a woman, but makes a tanned and swarthy skin even more beautiful. Dyeing does not make you sit in the master’s chair in the salon for a long time, because it is much faster than others.

Red violet hair – with a cherry undertones

Red violet hair - with a cherry undertones
Photo from @eazt_side_hair

This coloring is a great option, especially for those who dream of a red-purple hair color. The combination of the two colors allows you to create unique shades that will suit any skin type and complexion, so it’s definitely worth trying! Subtonal coloring gives the most natural-looking look to the look. That’s why it’s worth considering using cherry toner in your dye. It will breathe new life into the coloring and you can stand out from the crowd.

Red violet hair – matching natural colors

Red violet hair - matching natural colors
Photo from @fancyariezhair

Hair coloring is also very popular, especially for those looking for a red-purple color that won’t be noticeable. The natural color of the strands includes a mixture of several different shades, which gives an incredibly luxurious and rich look. This combination can match any skin type and complexion to make you feel most comfortable in your new look.