Rose gold balayage - pearlescent
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Rose gold balayage – shine and conquer!

Have you been searching for the perfect hair color for your locks? We understand. It is one of those things that can be difficult to find, right? Well, we have some good news! You might just want to try the latest trend in hair coloring: rose gold balayage. The rosy hue and accents provide a rich and beautiful look that will make your natural beauty shine through.

Rose gold balayage – pastel

The pastel shade of rose gold in balayage is the softest. It works well for young girls and older women, which is a beautiful accentuation of any style. The pastel is muted, so it blends with fair, peach and olive skin on the face.

Rose gold balayage - pastel
Photo from @quezoncityqueen

Rose gold balayage – two colors

If you want to try something new, then choose a soft pink and a brighter and more saturated color. First, the master dyes the strands in bright, and then proceeds to dye the hair in light pink. The balayage technique is versatile, so it works well for different hair lengths and hair types. It is one of the few that helps to renew even very thick hair.

Rose gold balayage - two colors
Photo from @lizvegashair

Rose gold balayage – with pink glitter

Balayage rose gold can include more gold color. However, already after the coloring, the master tones the hair with a characteristic pink shade. This results in a beautiful pink sheen on some strands. Certainly, this option is considered very attractive and feminine.

Rose gold balayage - with pink glitter
Photo from @thehairmom

Rose gold balayage – frequency dyeing

The master performs balayage according to the classic technique, which gives his own special result. However, if you choose a more complex technique, such as the frequency technique, then you create a completely different image. The frequency technique gives a beautiful and even unusual result, where gold and pink strands smoothly alternate with each other.

Rose gold balayage - frequency dyeing
Photo from @hair.byabby

Rose gold balayage – dark

Dark pink balayage in gold is a calm but interesting look. It is perfect for older women, for short haircuts and for haircuts with bangs. Dark coloring includes a bit of gray and brown, which forms the result.

Rose gold balayage - dark
Photo from @amdhairart

Rose gold balayage – pearlescent

Balayage rose gold with a pearlescent sheen is a unique and complex hair coloring technique. Thanks to the high professionalism of the master, he creates on the hair a rich play of color. For this purpose, a pearl color is added to the dye, and after dyeing, the hair can be additionally tinted. Beautiful pearlescent shine gives volume and depth to the hair, so it seems thicker than it really is.

Rose gold balayage - pearlescent
Photo from @hair_by_georgiebird

Rose gold balayage – fuchsia

Balayage with rose gold can contain hints of bright fuchsia. This is a non-standard coloring option, but very bright and beautiful. It is suitable for short haircuts and will create a fashionable look. Most of all rose gold with fuchsia suits young and perky girls. It can also emphasize a woman’s mature age, if she is not afraid to go for such changes in the image.

Rose gold balayage - fuchsia
Photo from @vanityvaultlosangeles

Rose gold balayage – light

Very delicate and charming coloring in a light version, where balayage rose gold is only half revealed. This method is easy to perform and will not draw too much attention to itself.

Rose gold balayage - light
Photo from @studio_santaleng