Sew in bob - asymmetrical bob
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Sew in bob – a unique method of hair extension

Hair extensions can be a great way to add length and volume to your hair. However, the process of getting them installed is usually time-consuming. You have to come in for an appointment, wait for them to be attached, and then come back in six weeks for removal if you want to take them off. But what if I told you there was another option? Something that will give you the same benefits in a quick time.

What is a sew in bob?

What is a sew in bob?
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Bob extensions are a method of extensions in which the hair is sewn to the head rather than glued on. This means they can be easily removed, and you don’t have to come back every six weeks to remove them, as with other methods. First, the craftsman tightly braids your native hair to your scalp and then sews the artificial strands to it. The result is an incredibly effective and beautiful bob, which no one can distinguish from natural hair.

How to take care of a sew in bob

How to take care of a sew in bob
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The first thing to consider is that you must wear your hair up at all times. You should not tie your hair back or gather it in a ponytail, as this can damage what is left of your natural curls and separate them from the braid at the roots.

It goes without saying that when shampooing your hair, you should only use the sulfate-free series. Do not brush wet hair, but only dry hair. When combing hair, hold it at the roots and don’t pull the comb too hard so as not to damage the strands.

Fashionable extensions

Sew in bob – asymmetrical bob

Sew in bob - asymmetrical bob
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The asymmetrical bob is a great way to show off your creative side. The length can be longer on one side than the other, or you can have graduated layers that are shorter in the front and gradually get longer towards the back of the head. This hairstyle is best for those who have naturally curly hair because it helps maintain a natural look.

Sew in bob – classic bob without bangs

Sew in bob - classic bob without bangs
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The classic bob is the most popular style of bob. It has more or less straight, shoulder-length hair that falls underneath the chin in a sleek line.

Sew in bob – bob with a curl

Sew in bob - bob with a curl
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A curly bob is perfect for those who want to look gorgeous and stylish. The front of this bob can be styled into curls with hot curlers or curling irons.

Sew in bob – long bob

Sew in bob - long bob
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A sew in bob can be not only short, but also elongated. Thanks to this hair extension technique, it can look very natural and add beauty to a woman. An elongated bob looks good with or without bangs. Here it is already worth choosing what you like most.

Sew in bob – back bob

Sew in bob - back bob
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See how good a bob looks in the back, thanks to the sew in bob extension technique. No one around you will ever guess that your hair has been artificially grown in.

Sew in bob – colorful bob

Sew in bob - colorful bob
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Not everyone wants to have a monotone bob. With a bob extension technique, you can dye your hair any color that suits you best. You should also consider adding a few highlights or bright shades to give your hair an extra touch of glamour and interest.