Short blue hair - with a shave
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Short blue hair – the shortcut to beautiful

If you’re looking for a new hair color, but don’t want to commit to the time and expense of getting it done at the salon, consider going with a short blue hair color. The great thing about this is that it’s an easy way to change up your look without spending much money or time!

Short blue hair – pixie

Pixie haircut is considered one of the most popular for women of all ages. It is created quickly, easily, and its main distinguishing feature is the voluminous bangs, or the parietal hair area. Pixie looks perfect in blue, which will help to create a cool look.

Short blue hair - pixie
Photo from @buzzcutfeed

Short blue hair – gavroche

The haircut Gavroche is considered one of the least popular, but very interesting. This style was invented in 1828 by the French hairdresser Jules Sebastien Gavroche, who settled near the Odeon theater in Paris. The main feature of this hairstyle is that it looks like a small head, and the hair is cut short.

Short blue hair - gavroche
Photo from @madeleinewelsh_

Short blue hair – garson

In the garçon, the master cuts the hair very short at the back and at the top. The bangs are longer than in other haircuts, so they often fall on the woman’s eyes or forehead. But it can be used without bangs. The blue coloring is excellent on the garrison, which will visually help to rejuvenate the image.

Short blue hair - garson
Photo from @styleme.b

Short blue hair – bob

The bob is considered the basis for many other haircuts and is a constant classic. Usually, this hairstyle for women looks like a short haircut with rounded ends. If you use blue hair dye, it will look very stylish! The advantage of this look is that it suits almost any face shape and age group.

Short blue hair - bob
Photo from @miamihairmel

Short blue hair – with a shave

If you want to experiment with your image, then short hair with a shave – for you. This haircut looks very stylish and punk! If you use blue hair dye, it will look even more unusual and original. This is a great idea if you don’t like to spend time styling or washing your hair – this hairstyle is effortless from day to day.

Short blue hair - with a shave
Photo from @kisscolors

Short blue hair – mullet

A mullet is a very bold hairstyle consisting of optimally cropped hair in the back and long hair on top. A bang is allowed, it is usually worn short or medium length. This hairstyle is ideal for women with any type of hair Dyeing it blue will help create the image of an uncompromising girl who knows her worth.

Short blue hair - mullet
Photo from @emoerica.net45

Short blue hair – japanese princess hairstyle

A Japanese princess is considered one of the latest trends. To create this look, you need to cut the back and front hair in different lengths with a razor or clippers. If it’s blue coloring – then you will get an original punk image! This hairstyle looks very unusual when combined with makeup for green eyes, which will help your eye.

Short blue hair - japanese princess hairstyle
Photo from @beautyby_zanna

Short blue hair – wolfish

The stylish and atypical haircut involves chaotic cutting of the strands, as well as an abundance of filleting the ends. The haircut is worn with or without bangs and lends itself to many different styles.

Short blue hair - wolfish
Photo from @again_sidonia