Side part bob - for long hair
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Side part bob – haircut features

The side part bob is a classic look that never goes out of style. It’s a classic, timeless cut with a trendy feel. The first thing you’ll notice about the side part bob is the asymmetry – one side of your hair will be longer than the other and parted off to one side. This haircut features soft waves that are perfect for days when you want to wear your hair down or up in some type of undo!

What is side part bob

The bob haircut with a side part has always been famous for its popularity among young girls. It is performed quickly, but it is quite complicated in technique, so it is important to do it in a salon, not on your own at home. The haircut has an asymmetry in one side of the hair, but which side it will capture you choose.

What is side part bob
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The haircut goes well with bangs and can go without it. In addition, this is one of the few that is suitable for short, medium and even long hair.

Who it suits side part bob

The haircut is suitable for young girls and older women. Although stylists still prefer the haircut for young girls, because it well emphasizes youth. Due to the asymmetry, the haircut will help to make the round face oval, to distract attention from the large massive features. This can be the nose, forehead or chin.

Who it suits side part bob
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How to make side part bob

The master always starts with the washing of the head. Afterwards, the hair is dried with a hair dryer, and then the master applies a moisturizer. This helps to keep the hair healthy and undamaged. Then he begins to smoothly cut the hair to form a single length, and then proceeds to the formation of asymmetry.

How to make side part bob
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This is where the master can take the bangs as well, that is, make them asymmetrical. However, this option is quite radical and is not suitable for every girl. Leave the bangs in any of its modifications or make a haircut without it.

Side part bob – for long hair

The surprising thing is that the bob haircut, which is the choice for medium to short hair, is suitable for long hair. Only one version of it is suitable – it is with a side part. Because in such a haircut, part of the hair is left long, where everything happens thanks to the asymmetry.

Side part bob - for long hair
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Side part bob – with bangs

A bob with side bangs will look spectacular. The bangs will help correct unfavorable facial features and even hide damaged forehead skin.

Side part bob - with bangs
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Side part bob – without bangs

The haircut looks favorably without bangs, so if you do not like this element of hair do not need to create it.

Side part bob - without bangs
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Side part bob – curly hair

A bob with a side parting is perfect for curly hair as well. The result is a stylish and delicate feminine look for every day. However, here it is important to follow the rules of styling. After all, curly hair will require styling, or else it will look ungroomed. Use gel or mousse for this purpose.

Side part bob - curly hair
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