Wine red hair - deep tone
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Wine red hair – intoxicating color

Wine red hair is an intoxicating color. Some people say it’s the color of passion, while others believe it to be a shade that represents romance and love. However, you see this deep wine hue; you’ll agree that it’s one of the most exciting colors on the spectrum!

Wine red hair – what is it like?

This color combines a deep and rich red, mahogany, burgundy, and some copper. This results in a beautiful and unusual shade of wine that goes well with a variety of women. This color will look especially advantageous on mature women because it emphasizes their status. Below we have gathered the best shades of wine red hair.

Wine red hair - what is it like?
Photo from @mansi_uma

Wine red hair – light tone

Wine red can be light as if a little blurred. This is created artificially, which ends up making it easier to care for dyed hair. After all, there is no need to constantly monitor the saturation of the tone and use only special shampoos. The light tone is suitable for women with fair skin.

Wine red hair - light tone
Photo from @ayuka_iam

Wine red hair – dark tone

If you have dark skin, a dark wine-red color will look great on it. However, when dying at home, you should first dye your hair light red or mahogany to avoid the orange and yellow undertones in this shade, and then add burgundy. First-time dyeing is better done in a salon because it is quite complicated.

Wine red hair - dark tone
Photo from @colored_byvee

Wine red hair – deep tone

The deep wine color creates a beautiful contrast to white skin. It can be worn by women of any age, but it is best to use this shade only if you have time for frequent grooming and touch-ups. In addition, this rich shade looks great on short haircuts. If you want to keep your hair from looking dull or dirty, it is important to wash your hair often, as the color demands it.

Wine red hair - deep tone
Photo from @donalovehair

Wine-red hair – brown shade

For those women who are not ready to completely change their hair color, but at the same time want something new and unusual, try a brown shade of wine red. You can use this shade for everyday or holiday events without worrying about its saturation during the day. It will work even if your skin is tanned in the summertime!

Wine-red hair - brown shade
Photo from @ao.ugram

Wine red hair – pearl effect

This color will emphasize your natural beauty and personality. In addition, everything happens thanks to the pearly shade, which will shimmer beautifully on your hair. Pearl wine-red color goes well with brown, blue, and green eyes.

Wine red hair - pearl effect
Photo from @britkneeburrito

Wine red hair – coloring technique

The coloring technique determines which strands you want to dye in which color. In our case, the base can be completely different, for example, the hair is dark and the strands are dyed wine red. It can also be the other way around. There are no rules and restrictions, so let your imagination run wild.

Wine-red hair-coloring technique
Photo from @jollychandasatinrose

Wine red hair – soft tone

A soft shade contains unexpressed tones of brightness, but also presented not too pale. Complex coloring requires only a professional master, and therefore this shade cannot be achieved at home.

Wine-red hair - soft tone
Photo from @crystalshairaddiction